Large Premium Charcuterie Box

Large Premium Charcuterie Box

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The Grazing Ace Premium Charcuterie box is a box that is meant to be on a small board or platter. You will have the enjoyment of slicing your premium cured meat to your liking, adding premium pistachios to you own favorite serving dish, or just the perfect gift for any occasion.  With a little creativity the possibilities are endless. For all the meat lovers out there, the cured meat will feel endless as well. (about 1.5lb of premium cured meat)

Box Contents:

2 x Local Salumeria IL Tagliere Cured Meats (300-325g each)

1 x Sweetness Chocolates Chocolate Bar (Local)

1 x Kalios Roasted & Salted Pistachios (100g)


3 Types of Cheese

Crudités and Dip




* I recommend slicing the meat thin as possible