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What size should I order?

Recommended portion sizes are based on main meal sizing. If you plan to serve your grazing table in place of appetizers, you may want a smaller size compared to the number of guests.

How do I place an order?

  1. All orders must be placed at least 2 days before your event.
  2. Order online and we will confirm your order the same day.
  3. Find our phone and email on the contact page.

How does it work?

After you’ve placed your order, we’ll contact you to confirm any customizations, dietary restrictions, and allergies. Our team will assemble your order by hand including any requested items. We will schedule your delivery time and equipment pick-ups are typically scheduled on Mondays.

I want a cheese cake tower added to my grazing table!

We make our cheesecakes with local and imported cheese and decorate with fresh fruit and flowers. These crowd pleasers must be ordered 1-2 months prior to your event and are subject to additional charges.

Are the platters included?

Platters and charcuterie board rentals are included in the cost of your order. We’ll arrange for pick-up after your event.

We also offer the following items with all grazing tables: tables, arches, charcuterie boards, utensils, plates, vases, decor, cheese dome.

Can I set my grazing table up outside? 

We encourage our customers to create the event they’ve dreamed of and understand that sometimes the best aesthetic is outside. If you choose to display your grazing table outside, please choose a shaded area to preserve the food items.

How long do you need to set up my grazing table?

We require 2-3 hours before the event start time to create your custom grazing table. We’ll arrive with all the equipment and ingredients—you just wait for your guests to arrive!